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dear twhols writer,

hi there!!! i'm super super excited that you got me and you're doing this for me because that's awesome. and you're awesome. and stuff. anyway, feel free to take this wherever you feel inspired!! these are just some vague interests/guidelines to give you some foundational ideas, but i definitely don't want you to feel super inhibited. so, you know, do your thing.

anyway, i like a lot of things. i like banter and snark and humor and i like all kinds of aus and i really value characterization (aus that are different enough but keep things also the same enough characterization-wise are SO IMPORTANT TO ME). i like best friends and i like best friends to lovers and i like begrudging attachments and unexpected feelings and accidental feelings. i'm happy to have sex (as long as there's no dub/noncon) or no sex at all. i like stumbly, awkward make-outs and eager, dressing room ones, and also hand touching. i like happy things and i like sad things with sort of hopeful endings, or ambiguous endings, or endings that hurt - the only thing i don't like is ott force-fed angst. i love the rush of stupid teenage love. i love when things inexplicably work, when everything comes together, or when nothing seems to happen at the right time. i know this is all really vague, but i just want you to do you, man.

things i'm not feeling: other characters being thrown under the bus characterization-wise (e.g. for the sake of a ship), dub/noncon, significant focus on children (as in, i don't really want anyone having kids/being pregnant/etc. to be a central part of this - you're welcome to have flashbacks or whatever to the tw characters as kids), crack fic, abuse.

otherwise, i think most of the particulars are in the requests themselves - i tried to vary the pairings and give you some leniency, and i would be really really stoked to see any of them written!! thank you so much. :D
title: rummaging for answers in the pages
author: intobrakelights
pairing: spencer/hanna
rating: pg
length: ~1300
summary: au prompt: hanna is the owner/manager of/cute girl that works at a boutique and spencer comes in frequently under the pretense of shopping just to see her. go blame leila for all of this, okay?

But there it is, today, the way it always is, because nothing important ever seems to fill the spaces.Collapse )
Title: we're not at the end yet (but oh, we already won)
Author: intobrakelights/definexfreedom
Pairing: Puck/Santana/Sam.
Rating: NC-17.
Length: ~3800
Warnings: Threesome smut. From Puck's POV, so plenty of crude language abounds.
Summary: A drunk and turned on Santana propositions her much less exhibitionism-friendly boyfriend, Sam, in the middle of the bar. Puck, their best, single friend offers to take matters into his own hands. But even he wasn't expecting to end up back at Sam and Santana's place with his shirt off and his knees on the ground.
Author's Notes: I've never actually written threesome fic, so we'll see how this turned out. Hopefully it's not a complete wreck.

Together like Puck’s in their bedroom watching them make out with his shirt off. Together like Puck’s starting to wonder if maybe he should just step between them or something and get in on the action. And, like, it’s not like he’s never threesomed before--but it's never been with a couple, and there was definitely never another dick in the mix.Collapse )

Title: and kisses are a better fate than wisdom
Pairing: blaine/cooper
Rating: nc-17
Warnings: Incest, age difference, relatively explicit sex with a minor.
Summary: But his favorite smile is Cooper’s smile, and Cooper isn’t a girl. In which Blaine and Cooper fall apart and fall together.

Then he'd try to smile the smile Coop had for him, like if he could just see it for himself maybe he could remember exactly how he felt when his brother gave it to him. Happy.Collapse )
Title: you've kept some fire aside (to set light to me) 
Author: intobrakelights/definexfreedom
Pairing: Quinn/Santana
Rating: pg-13
Length: ~1200
Summary: Pokéverse AU. Quinn Fabray is a high-ranked member of Team Aqua, currently at the forefront of a violent bid for power that could shatter everything the world has ever known. Not even Team Magma's own Santana Lopez can halt their inevitable triumph. Not even a little.
Author's Notes: Things you should know are that I'm aware this fic doesn't follow the exact structure of Team Magma/Aqua that we are presented to in the game/show - I took the idea of the organizations and them sort of adjusted the internal structure. Same goals, but I invented the ranks and the level of discipline and how long it's been around. Other than that, it should be the Pokémon world more or less as is - with Quinn and Santana thrown in. :)

“Are you prepared? Our time is now. Tomorrow, the sea will rise and the Pokémon of the water will celebrate our triumph. Tomorrow, we will become the most powerful team to ever live.”Collapse )
Title: from what i've tasted of desire
Author: intobrakelights/definexfreedom
Pairing: Quinn/Santana
Rating: pg-13
Length: ~2000
Spoilers: Kind of nothing. References primarily to s1.
Warnings: Swearing, mostly.
Summary: A response to the following prompt: season 1 quinntana. when quinn finds out that brittany and santana have been messing around, she doesn’t expect her first reaction to be jealousy. for anonymous.
Author's Notes: I haven't written much fic in ages, so then this happened. Idk, hopefully it isn't the worst?

When Quinn finds Brittany and Santana half-naked and pressed against the lockers, Quinn knows immediately her first reaction should be horror. Horror and offense, no doubt, because the very placement of Santana’s hand violates everything she’s ever known.Collapse )

to q from s (pg-13, quinn/santana)

Title: to q from s
Author: intobrakelights/definexfreedom on tumblr
Pairing: Quinn/Santana
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~970
Spoilers: Not really anything; vague references to general character dynamics, I suppose? Ha.
Warnings: The addressing of (and simultaneous non-addressing of) character death.
Summary: A letter from Santana to Quinn, several years into the future. Truth is I hate you. I hate you for leaving me here and I hate you for never coming back and I even hate the sex, I hate the goddamn amazing sex and I hate you for telling me that you ever loved me.
Author's Notes: This is terrifying because dialogue makes me really nervous, and writing Santana's voice is always something I've always found mildly terrifying, so I'm only posting this because my friend (who happens to write a perfect Santana) gave me a stamp of approval. Hopefully it doesn't suck too much?

Britt’s making me write this. You know how she is about the whole talking about feelings crap. I said I wasn’t into it, but she said if I couldn’t talk to someone, I should put it somewhere…for you.Collapse )
Title: scotch tape and paper scraps
Author: intobrakelights/definexfreedom on tumblr
Pairing: Quinn/Santana
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~4500
Spoilers: Um, there's nothing really explicit - vague references to the power struggles in seasons one and two, I suppose?
Warnings: Some swearing.
Summary: Quinn Fabray never expected to be the one to pick up the pieces of Santana Lopez. A series of scenes exploring a Quinn and Santana relationship after Brittany and Santana fall apart.
Author's Notes: Sorry if some of this seems profoundly unedited - much of the editing took place at five in the morning and I have to get to class now so I apologize if there are any egregious mistakes.

It’s a huge step up from a month and a half ago, when Santana spent the majority of her time cursing his name and creating a variety of scenarios that inevitably ended in his death.Collapse )
Title: keeping is downward and doubting and never
Author: intobrakelights/definexfreedom on tumblr
Pairing: Quinn/Santana
Rating: R
Length: ~2500
Spoilers: There's not really anything.
Warnings: Character death. Non-graphic depictions of sex.
Summary: Several years later, everything comes crashing down.

“Oh, yes, absolutely wonderful,” she bites out, like she’s Head Cheerleader Quinn Fabray all over again. (But she’s at the bottom of the pyramid and the weight above her is too heavy and she can’t remember how to breathe.)Collapse )
Title: building thatandthis into Thus
Author: intobrakelights
Pairing: Rachel/Quinn.
Rating: PG (except for brief but strong language)
Length: ~4200
Spoilers: There's really nothing but vague allusions, mostly, but I guess we'll say up through "Special Education," just in case.
Warnings: Definite fluff included, be warned.
Summary: Pieces of Rachel and Quinn's shared life once all the pieces fall surprisingly together.
Author's Notes: This is a late gift for rachberry - I haven't talked to you very much, but you're just so consistently awesome, IC and OOC, and I wish I could give you something better than this as a bit of a stronger indicator of your general brilliance. It was, ah, a bit last minute and I apologize for the lateness. Mostly, just keep being amazing. Seriously. Title stolen from e.e. cummings' my love is building a building.

Quinn is seventeen when everything falls into place.Collapse )